why nutress hair productsThere are three keys to successful transitioning:

  1. Tending to that vital “transition point” in the hair to prevent breakage
  2. Nurturing the new growth
  3. Treating the varying new textures and creating low-impact styling options that are attractive and manageable

The Nutress patented Nufusion™ Protein formula is the perfect prescription. Our specialized protein is designed to protect and repair a wide variety of textures at the same time. This is key to healthy hair maintenance. Many products can treat one texture very well, but it takes a special type of protein, found only in high-performance product like Nutress, that can do a complete job.

We also provide you with a pre-poo conditioner, gentle sulfate-free shampoo and wash-to-style products like our Stop-Break Conditioner and Alcohol and Oil-Free Foam Wrap Lotion to complete the process. Low-heat styling is an important element in protecting hair and the lack of heavy styling agents like silicones and heavy oils prevents the need for heavy cleansing agents to get rid of product build-up

Lastly, in keeping with our mission to provide quality products at great value, our kits last much longer than our competitors’, who only offer sample-sized of products in their kits rather than full-size versions.

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