Many of us are guilty of complaining about hair that just doesn’t grow and won’t ever grow. But think of all the people you’ve seen with long dreadlocks cascading down their back. Their hair maintenance regimen doesn’t include most of the techniques that lead to hair damage that many of us practice. Our hair can grow to be long and strong with the proper maintenance and care. If your hair has plateaued, leaving you with the same shoulder-length style for years, the cause is likely your hair care habits.

Nutress hair damage

Your hair grows from the roots, but you will not notice this growth if your hair maintenance is damaging to your ends and hair shaft. Medical conditions such as alopecia and thyroid disease are not to be overlooked when searching for a solution to hair that doesn’t grow. However, improper detangling, chemical treatments, frequent heat styling, weave installations, damaging styles and harmful products are among the most frequent causes for hair that breaks, splits, and gives the illusion of “never growing.”

If you want to avoid the big chop while transitioning, your relaxed hair needs just as much care as the new natural growth. Every centimeter of hair must be given the same tender love and care in order to avoid losing length to breakage and trims.

Here are a few ways to maintain your hair length as it grows:

1.      Minimize chemical treatments, exposure to heat and weave installations

These things can be fine when done in moderation and by a professional who understand your hair and knows how to avoid hair damage–but moderation is key.

2.      Cover your hair at night

The rubbing of your head on a cotton pillow can snap strands. If you find it uncomfortable to sleep in a scarf or bonnet, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase.

3.      Don’t comb or brush natural hair when dry

Use a moisturizing detangler, conditioner, or a wide-toothed comb while the hair is wet. Divide hair into sections and comb from the bottom and slowly move up towards the roots.

4.      Use moisturizing hair care products that protect and repair damage from frequent styling

These products can help “turn back the time” on some hair damage. Remember that frequent shampooing dries the hair and can result in breakage.

5.      Eat a diet high in protein and iron and try to eliminate stress

A great way to strengthen your hair from the inside out is to eat foods like salmon and spinach that contain these essential nutrients. Consuming these foods is best, but you can also take supplements to round out your diet.

Nutress hair damage

Find your Nutress Hair regimen, protect and care for your tresses and prove to yourself that you can grow strong, long, healthy hair!