Happy Friday and please enjoy the next segment in our series on handy tips to manage hair disasters when they strike! Don’t forget to check out our segment on Scissor-Happy Stylist Disasters if you missed it.

Fixing Hair Disasters

Hair Reversion Disaster

Got your textured ‘do’ straightened and then storm clouds and humidity roll in? What do you do? Your best bet is to whip your hair into a bun ASAP. Caught outside without scrunchies, gel, headbands or any of your usual tools on hand? Use a bit of hand lotion to help smooth your burgeoning locks. For longer hair, take a strand of hair and wrap, tuck and roll. Short or transitioning types should keep a headband or scarf handy at all times in case of emergency. The humid summer months are a great time to use a protein conditioner to keep your strands smooth and more able to withstand the heat.

Stay tuned for more truths and upcoming tips for fixing hair disasters so that they become a memory of the past. Your friends at Nutress have got you covered!