Please enjoy the next segment in our series on handy tips to manage hair disasters when they strike.  Don’t forget to check out our segment on Thinning Hair Disasters if you missed it!

Scissor-Happy Stylist Disaster










Stylist cut more than you directed? Assuming the cut is not a psycho asymmetric bob, don’t panic if your cut is too short. There’s a fix for this beauty disaster. Not loving the shape? Braids, a weave or ponytails so you don’t miss your length along with ingesting healthy doses of Biotin daily can get you through until your hair grows back. Brush short bangs to the side and use a cute bobby pin or headband for camouflage. For moldable hold, lay locks down with an oil-based ringing gel. This will soften the hair and keep them where you want them. At nigh,t try wrapping straight hair flat to the head and keep your front ‘swoop’ in place when the back is worn out. Build up your arsenal of accessories so you can add a stylish oversized bow, scarf or headband to complete your look.

Stay tuned for more truths and tips for fixing hair disasters from your friends at Nutress.