Nutress Hair has a 92% Repurchase Rate with its Customers! Here’s Why
This review is from: Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack Gold (Color Treated Hair Formula) 4 oz Tube (Misc.)

I tried this conditioner based on another Nutress product I found in sally’s beauty supply called “Stop-Break Healthy Hair Enhancer Leave-in”. It turned out to be such a fantastic product that I went to the Nutress website to research any other product that they sold-that’s when I came across this moisturizing protein treatment for colored hair. To begin with, I’m African-American with really coarse, thick 4b & 4c hair. In my never-ending quest for extremely healthy relaxed hair, I’ve learned that our hair needs the right amount of not only moisture, but protein. Nutress products are specifically engineered to deliver exactly that! I have found that by using this conditioner as directed in conjunction with the other Nutress product I mentioned above, I can extend my relaxers longer (in fact, I’m into my 11th or 12th week now). This has never been the case before the use of these two products! I am truly amazed at the results!!! I have very strong, full, healthy hair with barely any breakage in my comb! (usually my hair would begin breaking at about the 5th week and I’d have to relax certainly by the 6th). This conditioner has become a staple in my very simple but extremely effective hair regimen now. I attribute the retaining of my length to this marvelous conditioner!!!

Mai Tai

Once again, thanks to CurlBox, I found out about a line of products that I never tried or heard of before…

Last night, I washed my hair and used Flexi rods to style along with the Wrap Guard Foam Wrap lotion. I am in love with how soft and bouncy my hair is!!! It did exactly what it said it would do, provide softness, shine and non-flaking. Included in there line of products are protein packs, a stop-breakage leave in enhancer and various shampoos including a sulfate free one. You can purchase a sample size of the Wrap guard Here!


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Good hair treatment
Date: May 14, 2012
“I’ve been using Nutress for years and I love this product. Usually, I would see instant results from breaking hair. It does make the hair feel a little dry and you could mix some conditioner with Nutress or follow up with a conditioner after rinsing out Nutress.

Nutress Hair products are still my favorite. In fact, I take the protein and conditioning packs with me when the stylist relaxes my hair. I leave with my hair wet and the conditioner on my hair. I also use them once a week when I sit under the hair dryer. As a result, my hair grows like a weed; is shoulder length even though I cut approximately one inch every five weeks; and, is very healthy.
Wanda Miles
I have been studying the field of haircare and products for over 30yrs. I have seen the trend shift from an emphasis of protein, moisture and pH balance to a mere cover-up approach of using heavy, slick agents that clogs over damage, leading to build-up and internal dehydration of the hair structure.

Nutress products, I can honestly say have not followed that path. Nutress has incorporated very specific amino-acid proteins that target the damage, bonding to weakened hair and sealing in all the important moisture compounds so the hair has the correct balance of strength and pliability. No wonder breaking is virtually a thing of the past for so many. I have found your products astonishingly effective even on my own hair, which is prone to brittleness and dullness from over-processing with color. You have not radically altered most of your formulas, for the science behind them has been tested and approved for over 60 years.

Many of today’s supposedly sophisticated concoctions that merely lay on top of the hair could never compete. I have tried hundreds of formulas over the years, Nutress products really are at the top of the charts. ANY ethnicity will benefit from them as there is an array of products, each targeted for specific needs.

So happy am I with them that I give you permission to use my endorsement. Nutress will do just that, give NEW TRESSES.

David Morris
I found the nutress products and they were great. They were reasonably priced so I was able to get the shampoo, protein pack and the stop break. My hair hasn’t looked this good in years!
From the Tyra Banks Show blog
Hands down the best protein treatment I have ever tried. My hair was in really bad condition with lots of breakage (too much heat) and little to no shine. After just one treatment I noticed about 90% less shedding. After the second treatment my hair felt even better. I have tried many expensive treatments but none compares to this one and at only $1.19 for beauty club members you cannot go wrong.
I am a beautician with a large and demanding clientele. I use Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer over all the other options for leave-in conditioners because it provides the best results. Hair is much easier to comb through and style and the product leaves hair soft, shiny and full. The beauty of this product is that it conditions, prevents breakage and aids in styling All-in-one!
Michelle Ellington
…I saw a product in Sally’s called “Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack for Extremely Damaged Hair”, and I felt adventurous so I bought it. I was a little nervous because it is green, but I used it with the Motions products mentioned in the book, performing all of the normal steps, and it worked beautifully! So I think we may have found another winner.
Comments from Black Woman’s Guide
“Try nutress protien packs.My hair was breaking severely and members of black hair media recommended this product.I have only used it twice but there is a signifigant change in my hair.There is a huge decrease in breakage…”

“I’m posting this to everyone who is having hair loss problems…I started using those Nutress Hair deep conditioning packets (sitting with a cap on for at least a half hour), and my hair is starting to behave again…”

Favorite protein treatments- I’ve only used two… the focus 21 and the Nutress HAIR Mositurizing Protein Deep Conditioner.. I like the Nutress one..made my hair’s the one for color treated hair. ”

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Moisturizing Protein Combination Packs: Some packs are specially formulated to moisturize, some to strengthen with protein and still others, a combination of both. Some products include Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack
Beauty After Pregnancy
…I use a regular conditioner in the shower and then I use a spray on conditioner called – Nutress Hair stop break healthy hair enhancer. (There are several different brands that I’ve tried in the past that have helped. I get them at a beauty supply store.) It helps to detangle and adds shine. Also be very gentle with your hair especially when it is wet. I use my hairbrush or a very wide tooth comb and start at the ends of the hair…
Sally Beauty Supply

Date: October 9, 2011
Pros: makes my hair feel like silk even without a relaxer, very inexpensive
Cons: can’t seem to find it in the store anymore., bigger bottle on other sites, only comes in a small pack here
“I have used this product for many years. It makes my hair feel like silk. Sometimes I leave it on and put a plastic cap on and let it work for quite a while. I have even put it on and slept in it overnight. I would recommend this product to anyone who has dry or damaged hair. I have thick long hair and I sometimes use 2 packs, but it’s so inexpensive that I can afford to use it as often as I want.”

Miss Bossy
Sally Beauty Supply

Great Product
Date:September 9, 2011
Pros: works great, great price
Cons: smells like toothpaste, drys hair a little
“i bought 4 of these packs, i prob wont need to use the other 3.. i used one of so far (the whole package like it says to do) it is amazing.. i had hair breakage, not super bad breakage but enough that i wanted to do something about it. Now i have none its great.. the only things i dont like is it made my hair a little dry, and it smells like tooth paste.”

I have used the treatment for color-treated hair for more years than I can remember off and on. I adore this stuff and I try to tell everyone I know that complains about dry, damaged, color treated and weak hair that I come across. I even give away the small packets to people if their hair is very damaged. I usually keep extra packs around the house but I love buying the large tub of this stuff. I am sleeping with it in my hair tonight but I also sit with it in my hair under the dryer when I go to the shop. I take it with me because the stylists act like they are not familiar with this product. I don’t know why anyone would not want to use this. It will also balance the ph of your hair which is very important. I love this product!!!!
S. Scott
Sally Beauty Supply

“I color my hair frequently and of course blow dry and curl, my hair was very damaged and fragile. I used the Nutress protein pack with a heating cap and I was pretty inpressed. My hair felt stronger and softer, more managable. I bought 6 packets and plan to use 1 treatment a month and see how my hair improves. I love this stuff!”

Sally Beauty Supply

Date:August 28, 2010
“I have been using this particular product for years. I love the tingling feeling on my scalp. I have a relaxer and color in my hair; not to mention I use a flat iron or curling iron every day. If Hair is used as directed it works great. If you use the directions for a heating cap…my hair absolutely loves this!! I just wish it was still available in the larger size.”

Blue Victory
Best Protein Conditioner, 2003
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