Stylist Benefits

Nutress Hair have many stylist benefits available, and by spreading the word about Nutress Hair products, you can bag yourself cash and free products.

10 Reasons Why Stylists Lstylist benefitsve Nutress

  1. Affordability helps your bottom line
  2. Works on multiple hair types which reduces the need to purchase more specialized (and expensive) product lines
  3. Product not sold in discount outlets (Target, WalMart,etc) – helps you maintain exclusivity
  4. High-performance ingredients so clients see unparalleled results and come back soon and often
  5. Gives stylists the confidence to style with abandon knowing the hair is reinforced and resilient enough to handle coloring, relaxing, weaving etc without damage.
  6. High quality protein treatments so you can style with heat and avoid breakage
  7. No-heat styling options to prevent further damage
  8. Formulas that reduce build-up on hair
  9. Develop a transitioning business by applying the principles of our transitioning kit.  Our kit for transitioning and naturals comes with helpful education to show how the product can be used on every hair type from straight to kinky.
  10. Build your bottom line with retail product sales

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Learn how you can score CASH and FREE PRODUCTS, by spreading the word about Nutress!