The Truth about Moisturizing Your Hair



Moisturizing your hair is one of the fundamental pillars of natural hair care, and it could mean the difference between whether you make it or break it. Literally.

Natural or relaxed, everyone should know the difference between adding moisture and retaining moisture.

Natural hair is more prone to dryness because of the thousands of small curls. These tiny coils make it hard for natural scalp oils, or sebum, to travel down the strand and coat the hair. Without sebum, the coils cling to each other, creating friction and potential damage.

The coils are also left unprotected against elements like sun rays, wind, and materials like shirt collars, pillowcases, and ponytail holders.

When you have moisturized hair, you can retain length, and frizz is easier to avoid. Your hair will look better, it will have more elasticity, and you’ll enjoy bouncier curls. In this post, you’ll find out about moisturizing your hair, and learn ways to combat dryness so that you can have shinier, healthier hair.

Deep Conditioning Your Natural Hair

Natural hair should be deep conditioned once per week for softer, silkier hair. Saturating the hair in healing conditioner weekly will help to infuse nutrients into the hair shaft. It will make detangling faster and easier, and it will help you manage your mane throughout the week.

DIY deep conditioning treatments can be done at home to combat dryness, to strengthen the hair shaft, and to maintain elasticity of the strand. Here are some helpful items to add to your deep conditioner that natural hair loves:


  • Honey or Vegetable Glycerin. These two humectants moisturize hair by pulling water from the air into your hair. If you live in a dry climate, you’ll find these ingredients particularly useful in eliminating frizz. If you reside in a very humid climate, you may want to experiment with these or skip them altogether.

Vegetable glycerin is the most affordable of the two and is a great alternative to honey for vegan naturalistas.

  • Coconut Oil. This versatile oil will seal in moisture and provide a degree of absorption that many with natural hair find highly effective.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV. This unique ingredient will help to soften, condition, and detangle the hair. Natural ACV is high in acetic acid and balances the pH level of the hair. It’s very economical, so a bottle will last you for a long time.
  • Shea Butter. Shea contains an array of powerful nutrients that condition the hair and make knots slide apart effortlessly. It’s ideal for adding a protective element to natural hair.

Since many of us are too busy to create home treatments, most use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. A conditioner with good slip will allow coils to slide apart easier, resulting in less breakage. Both Nutress Stop Break Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Nutress Natural Hair Conditioner will provide the hair with enough moisture to make detangling faster and easier. They combine superior moisturizing and conditioning agents like the ones found in high-end salon brands and they actually perform better than unrefined natural ingredients. And they don’t include oils, silicones or drying alcohols, which can actually restrict moisture reaching into your hair shaft.

Layering Products to Keep Hair Moisturized

It’s crucial to remember that moisture doesn’t come from oils. Fats serve to protect and hold the hydration inside the shaft. They’re incredibly useful, but shouldn’t be used as a replacement for water.

H2O is essential to life. It hydrates the hair and makes it more pliable so you can make beautiful hairstyles with your tresses.

Therefore, aim to use water or water-based products to begin your routine every time. You can and should use oils afterward, but the water is essential to your hair’s health. All Nutress products are water based for this very reason.

Layering products is one of the best techniques for keeping your hair moisturized throughout the week. Applying products within a sequence will help, instead of putting them on all together at once, or using a single product.

The LOC method helps because it is easy to remember and effective. LOC stands for Liquid (water) Oil and Cream. Here is a breakdown of the LOC method:

  • Water is the best hydration for your hair. It should always be the first step every time you do the LOC method. H2O can come from your shower on wash day, or it can be from a water spray bottle that you use between washes.

You can choose to use a water-based product like Nutress Stop Break Leave-In Conditioner instead of plain water. Leave-In conditioners and detanglers with good slip will help you through the detangling phase in your routine. Stop break includes an advanced humectant that’s 4 time more powerful  than glycerin in attracting and retaining water in the hair shaft.

  • There are many oils to choose from that are excellent for natural hair. They include coconut, avocado, jojoba, and Black Jamaican castor oil. Oils work by sealing hydration onto the hair shaft, and they protect the hair from friction and harmful elements like the sun and wind. Coconut is the most versatile and the one we prefer.
  • Using creams as the last step in the technique will help to further guard against damage. Frizz is the enemy of curly hair. Most naturals never skip this step because creams help set the hair into a defined or manipulated curl pattern, and assist in fighting frizz.

Nutress Foam Wrap Lotion will help protect and set the hair so you can enjoy a frizz-free hairstyle for days.

If you stick with the LOC method on wash day and at least once during the week, you’ll be able to enjoy shinier, softer, and bouncier curls.

Deep conditioning your hair once per week is another way to infuse nutrients into the hair and guard against breakage.

Using these two methods, along with the right products for your hair, will make a dramatic difference to your hair’s health. Be sure to experiment with techniques and ingredients to find an ideal solution for your hair.

There are many products that try to confuse you about moisturizing capability. Just like your food diet, products with the lowest number of additives and the highest level of moisturizing agents is best.

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