Please enjoy the next segment in our series on handy tips to manage hair damage and disasters when they strike. Don’t forget to check out last week’s entry on Hair Reversion Disasters if you missed it!

Natural Hair Birdsnest Disaster

hair damage and disasters

Woke up with your hair in a tangled mess? Forgot your satin bonnet? No time to prepoo, shampoo, condition, detangle, twist, dry and style? Avert a hair disaster with this quick and simple updo. First, moisturize hair liberally with a cream-based moisturizer, briefly finger detangling. Apply a light holding gel to the temple areas on both sides of the head and across the nape. Take a triangular section of hair from the front of your head and pull it to one side, pinning it behind the ear. If you come across an especially tangled section, separate it into two strands and twist before pinning. Working from the back, French roll the hair loosely pinning as you go. Secure the entire style with a scarf or headband. This will cover the area where the “bang” is pinned and any unruly areas in the back.

We know that some nights you just want to get in bed and pass out, but it’s important to take steps before you hop into bed to prevent any overnight hair damage. It’s a great way to prevent any hair disasters before they start. To avoid tangles and hair damage, remember to protect your hair at night by wrapping hair, sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase or pineappling or re-twisting if you have curly, natural hair.

We hope you enjoyed the latest entry in our series on hair disasters. Look out for our next series on helpful hair tips to avoid hair damage and keep your hair at its healthy best!