Nutress Hair FAQs

Regardless of texture, type, or style all hair needs basic inputs. Nutress provides these key items in concentrated doses without added fillers and ingredients that can sometimes block their absorption.

Moisture and protein are the key building blocks of hair’s structure. Continual replenishment of protein, moisture and emollients (to mimic the natural sebum) are what keep the hair healthy, pliable and flexible. These elements are found in every Nutress product. Nutress uses premium ingredients which work better – and thus cost more – and are usually found in the most expensive salon products. By limiting the number of ingredients, Nutress also reduces the risk of undesired results for customers whose hair doesn’t need the  additives found in products targeting specific hair types.

Nutress focuses on effectiveness and value.   We do a few things and we do them well. We don’t create new products just to increase profits- we carefully consider each product in our lineup. The product must be effective, simple to use and highly versatile in that it works to care for and maintain a wide variety of different hair types, textures and styles.   The other thing that makes Nutress different is that we are solely focused on delivering unpretentious, effective products that work; not fancy packages, exotic fragrances and marketing hype.  We do this at affordable price points and in an array of useful sizes. For example, Nutress was the first brand in the US to offer 1oz single-use conditioning packettes, which are sanitary, environmentally efficient and economical. It remains our top-selling product today.

Over 70% of US women consider their hair damaged and consider breakage their number one problem. Nutress solves this problem like no other. As the originators of Protein conditioning in the US, Nutress best understands how to use protein to repair hair.  Some brands try to trick consumers into thinking that the product has delivered a mending result through a temporary polymeric binding process that makes frayed ends seem to be repaired.  However Nutress uses a high-powered quaternized protein blend that causes actual protein deposited on weakened and fragile hair shafts.  It is a key distinction and it works to repair the damage hair incurs from everyday styling and environmental damage as well as color and chemical treatment damage.

Nutress was the original protein treatment, first developed in the 50’s, when US women began to apply  permanents and were in need of a new and more effective method of hair repair.  Our protein formula has been tested and refined over the years on every type of hair and condition imaginable. Our formulas have more likelihood of depositing healthy protein on the hair without the interference of fillers or ingredients added solely for marketing purposes.  Nutress products also have less risk of over-proteinization, too because they are properly balanced with moisture. For over 60 years our brand has innovated in the category of protein-fueled repair for damaged hair.

Quaternized Protein is a cationic derivative of protein obtained by reacting the primary amine sites on the protein backbone with a tertiary amine.  The covalent attachment of the quaternary groups strongly increases the positive charge of the protein making it more substantive to hair and more resistant to rinsing.  Covalent attachment of quaternary groups on peptides greatly improves both ionic and hydrophobic interactions with the hair.  These proteins are still water soluble, which means they can be delivered to the hair in a water based product and are easily integrated into the hair’s structure.  These hydrophobically modified cationic protein hydrolyzates are highly adsorbing to the skin surface at all pH levels and offer maximum substantivity at a minimum concentration.  They impart a pronounced conditioning effect and the lipiphilic moieties provide an emollient feel.  This means a little goes a long way, and we can use this outstanding ingredient in a variety of types of applications so Nutress can feed your hair with strength at every step of your hair care routine and leave hair with a wonderful after-feel.

Quaternized versions of a protein are generally many times more substantive than the parent protein hydrolyzate.  For these reasons Nutress uses the more expensive quaternized protein to allow consumers improved results. Most brands use the less expensive hydrolyzed protein, which is just a broken down protein, meant to be more easily absorbed into hair. However, our Quaternized protein has a more binding effect due to its additional bonds which create the stronger cationic character, thus a more intense bond of the protein to the hair shaft.  This also enhances the moisture-binding properties of the protein which is another important benefit.  Compared to regular hydrolyzed proteins, quaternized proteins possess enhanced moisturizing and conditioning capabilities due to their higher substantivity to hair. Not only does Quaternized Wheat protein impart a powerful moisturizing effect, but it also aids in the repair of damaged hair because of its Cysteine content.

This protein is small enough to penetrate the hair shaft and there is also enough of the larger molecule to adhere to and fortify the outer shaft without buildup.  It leaves hair feeling soft and conditioned.  This ingredient delivers an excellent moisturizing effect using a gluten-free wheat derivative.

Keratin protein is cheap and animal-derived, while Nutress protein is four times more expensive, we splurge on the moste effective ingredients instead of the fanciest package or most sophisticated fragrance.  Brands that use animal protein use more protein because it is cheap but it is still less effective and can give an after feel of weight and buildup.  Penetration of the protein gives body and a full soft feel. The backbone of our formulas is this special wheat protein that is both a hair strengthener and moisturizer due to the way it attracts and retains moisture.  Added Aloe Vera delivers benefits of healing and improving blood flow to the skin.

It is lightweight, nourishing and aids in detangling.  These are key attributes for virtually all hair-type  populations such as curly/kinky hair, aging hair, dry/damaged hair, multi-cultural hair, relaxed or natural these hair types find it equally effective.  It can also be used as a braid spray and to impart moisture to twisted, locked or weaved hair.  It is an outstanding detangler helping to to remove braids or unravel tightly twisted hair. Stop Break is easily one of the most multi-purpose hair care products on the market. It enjoys widespread use for every hair category and style.

There are three high-performance ingredients for conditioning, our special Quaternized Wheat Protein and the Quat 7 for softness and after-feel.  It also contains a healthy dose of healing aloe vera. Many customers consider Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer a wonder product because it can be used throughout the wet-works process from comb-out to styling and aids in protecting hair during workouts and everyday environmental strain.

For the past 20 years almost every shampoo has used the surfactant: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate ALS, because they are cheap AND they make lots and lots of foam.  Lather does absolutely nothing to make a shampoo good, but they often get the most attention.  The truth is, lots of foamy lather only means too much shampoo was used.

Another important consideration for using sulfate-free shampoo is for aging or thin hair. This issue became predominant in women and youth due to strong, caustic chemicals in traditional shampoos causing thinning hair and hair loss.  Sulfate-free hair shampoo is color-safe, much gentler on the scalp and helps promote healthy hair growth.

Done right, Sulfate-free shampoos won’t dry out your hair and scalp. They work better than most conventional shampoos for gentle cleansing and leaving hair in a better condition – softer and smoother than ever.  They are designed to keep moisture in your hair. Sodium lauryl sulfate is not the ingredient that gets hair clean – it is a foam booster so it just makes a lot of lather.   Many who use sulfate-free shampoos have curly hair because curly hair is dryer than other hair types, and they need to keep the moisture in the hair, which is a key benefit of non-stripping, non-drying sulfate-free shampoos.

Unlike competitive brands, Nutress Sulfate-Free Shampoo has a dense, creamy lather.  Most Sulfate-Free shampoos are either very thin so they run through the consumer’s fingers or they don’t foam.  Many are more like a cleansing conditioner that doesn’t give the satisfying lather or leave the hair and scalp feeling clean. After years of research, the scientists at Nutress laboratories were able to find the right combination to get thickness, lather and a clean rinse. The bigger names have thin viscosity and poor lather and some are very difficult to rinse.

Sulfate-free shampoo provides stronger, healthier hair. It helps add volume and body to dull, limp hair. The thick texture makes this shampoo have a rich intense lather.  Sulfates are known irritants yet our gentle shampoo is safe even for those with delicate or skin susceptible irritation to eczema or other skin disorders.

Nutress is the best value available in haircare today because the products actually work despite their extraordinarily low prices.  Whereas many products are quite costly and still give less than the desired results, Nutress really works – saving consumers time and money.  Yes, the products contain high-quality ingredients for less, but that is not the only source of their value.

There are tons of expensive products which oftentimes still don’t work because of filler ingredients and poor formulation.  This results in costly overuse of product and subsequent purchases of replacement products in search of a better result. Nutress consumers can finally end the search for products that work and enjoy a highly effective product at an accessible price. We provide higher quality ingredients for less- ingredients that actually work and save consumers time and money. Our highly concentrated and effective products are salon-quality items widely available at the most affordable prices on the market.

The versatility of the products also provides a consumer value because it allows alteration of hairstyles without the requirement to purchase all new products.  And entire families can use the same products for men, women and children.

Our flagship conditioner is Cetrimonium bromide ((C16H33)N(CH3)3Br, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide) It is a cationic surfactant widely used in primarily salon=quality hair conditioning products. The cetrimonium cation is an effective antiseptic agent against bacteria and fungi.  The closely related compounds cetrimonium chloride and cetrimonium stearate are also antiseptics, and may be found in many products such as shampoos and cosmetics, while cetrimonium bromide, due to its high cost, is only found in select exclusive cosmetics.  This is the backbone of key Nutress products such as our Instant Conditioner and Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer.

Our use of Sodium PCA is a landmark humectant developed in Japan in which just a few drops is exponentially more effective at retaining moisture than buckets of glycerin.  Sodium PCA, the sodium salt of pyrrolidone carbonic acid, is a humectant naturally occurring in the skin as a part of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF). When isolated, this derivative of amino acids is highly water absorbing and slows its eventual loss through evaporation. It is also hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air.  Sodium PCA feeds moisture to the hair and is non-irritating to the skin and eyes, non-comedogenic and water-soluble. It is proven to keep hair moist and improve manageability in laboratory trials.

We also use the highest quality Quaternized Wheat Protein (see above), soothing and restorative Aloe Vera and naturally smoothing, softening Lanolin. Our formulas are primarily water-based and our conditioning systems are lightweight so they will continue to be relevant and effective for the widest variety of consumers.

Nutress Products offer convenience, effectiveness and value. They can be recommended for any customer regardless of race, hair type or styling regimen. As communities become more diverse, Nutress is the ONE brand to carry that can satisfy anyone looking for quality hair treatments. And its attractive pricing allows for multiple product purchases that don’t risk the customer’s budget, enabling retailers to turn their inventory quickly and maximize shelf space. For Stylists, Nutress Hair Products allow them to service a wider clientele for less money, knowing that their customers are receiving the highest quality treatment products without the need for high-markup salon brands that cut into their profits.  Nutress is the only brand for affordable professional strength products and treatments.

Our unique, balanced formulas take the worry out of replenishing your hair with moisture and protein. 
Due to our outstanding protein blend and high grade moisturizers, Nutress Hair Protein Conditioners repair existing damage and help prevent future damage by both penetrating the cuticle layer and attaching to the outside of the weakened areas of the cuticle layer of each hair strand. This creates inner strength and an outer shield of protection that prevents damage and restores hair to a healthy state. Less damage also means more confidence when applying various styling techniques and chemical treatments because your hair is strong, growing and resilient.

Another bonus – most of our products work wonderfully on natural hair and extensions, too!

Our protein-based products are made with an exclusive source of vegetable protein not found in any other leading hair product. This M31 protein blend provides unparalleled strengthening benefits without the hardening and stiffness caused by many other protein-rich hair products.

Our proteins perform better because they are derived from a high-potency vegetable protein source that undergoes an even higher degree of refinement, leaving more of the right type of protein available to penetrate the hair shaft. Because of this, our protein requires less preservatives, so our products work harder and longer than other leading brands at keeping your hair healthy.

There are many other ways protein gets depleted from the hair. Heat, the sun, styling and even diet can rob your hair of healthy protein so it’s still important to use protein products regularly. If your hair is fairly healthy, we recommend a protein conditioning treatment once per month. However, if you are using styling products that dry out your hair, then conditioning every two weeks is suggested.

For coarser hair, use more and leave on a bit longer, for it to penetrate. If hair is fine, use less and for shorter periods to keep hair from feeling limp due to being weighed down. 
For styles which require heavy use of styling products, make sure hair is deep-cleansed and use more conditioner to penetrate and retain strength prior to styling. For more natural styles, less frequent conditioning is preferred; however, ample product should be used to ensure proper coverage. For longer styles, make sure to apply conditioner to the ends first and work your way up the shaft, to ensure more product is distributed to the most needed areas.

Hair must be properly shampooed to remove dirt and residual hair products. This means thorough wetting and generally two shampoos, one to break down the build up of products and sebum and the second to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and hair. Hair should feel clean to the touch, and should be towel-dry, meaning that hair is dry to the touch. If hair is chemically treated, it’s best to wrap the hair in a towel and let it absorb the water to reduce the risk of aggravating the damaging effects of chemical treatments.

For any deep conditioner to work properly it needs enough time to penetrate the cuticle layer. Damaged hair has a negative charge and conditioners have a positive charge, so the conditioning effects do happen quickly. However, heat and penetration time are necessary for deep conditioning to have its maximum effect. Maximum penetration usually occurs in 20 minutes and the absorption rate declines dramatically afterwards. Shorter time periods will have an impact, but we recommend 20 minutes. Our Instant Conditioner requires much less time, and leaves hair amazingly soft, but offers less reconstructive benefits.

Chemical usage can deplete the protein from your hair and can cause your hair to break. When chemicals weaken and destroy the cuticle layer, the hair strand will lose its integrity and literally melt, turning to mush.  Try this test: if your hair is very stretchy when wet and when you pull it gently, it stretches easily and breaks off, you have a serious damage problem.

Hair lightener, also known as bleach, is as destructive as a hair relaxer in damaging your hair if not properly applied and maintained. The only hair color product recommended with relaxers are semi-permanent colors which deposit color only (no lifting or lightening) and is contained in one bottle.  That means no activator, whether liquid, powder and/or cream is added to the original bottle of color. Hair can be relaxed and tinted (20 volume peroxide) but success is on an individual basis. It is best to choose one or the other: tint or relaxer. If you absolutely want to lighten your hair, do highlights, also known as frosting, tipping, foils and painting.  If you get breakage, it is limited to the areas processed.

If you use styling products that dry your hair or make it stiff or hard, you can damage your hair and cause it to break.  Improper use of holding or setting gels, freeze sprays and their removal can cause breakage.

Whatever is the cause of damage, effective cleansing to remove any build up of products with Nutress HAIR Protein Pack Shampoo is required. Avoid blow drying your hair: shampoo/sets or wraps are best. If you can not style your damaged hair other than to comb it back until it improves, you can reapply a very small amount of HAIR Protein Pack Conditioner (pea size) after shampooing and conditioning and spray on Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer daily to moisturize and soften. 
If your hair damage is due to excessive heat or use of styling tools, the hair will weaken and break. You should only use heat for styling after shampooing, conditioning and drying.

Wrap, tie, pin curl or roll up your hair in between shampoos. Don’t let your hair get to the ‘dried, fried and laid to the side’ stage. Repeated deep heat conditioning treatments will bring your hair back to life. Using setting lotions, gels, mousse and foam wraps that do not contain alcohol is best.  If you have a hard freeze style or fingerwave, do not try to comb it out before you shampoo.  Apply Nutress HAIR Instant Conditioner to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply to your hair. Repeat if necessary until all your hair is covered. Leave it on for 2 minutes, then rinse out.

Proceed to shampoo with Nutress HAIR Protein Pack Shampoo. Shampoo once more followed by Nutress HAIR Protein Pack Conditioner. If you have tracks for weaving and/or braids in your hair, you must make sure they are not too tight. Tension can cause permanent hair loss (tension alopecia). You must shampoo the scalp and tracks without friction. Fill a tint bottle with a nozzle tip with diluted shampoo. Squirt the shampoo on the scalp along the tracks. Massage your scalp with the balls of your fingers, lifting wefts or braids away from the scalp. Do not shampoo wefts, hair or braids. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. The suds rinsing through the hair will clean it without manipulation. Repeat the procedure using diluted protein conditioner instead of shampoo. Towel dry and spray Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer on tracks and weave or braid. Comb through starting at the ends working your way up the strand. This helps to protect the hair in the tracks and braids so when you take it down you have minimized the damage. 
All these things can cause extensive hair damage.

To recapture healthy hair, properly cleansing, massive conditioning and appropriate styling techniques will be required.  
If your hair is damaged and you want to repair it as quickly as possible, a twice per week conditioning regimen is recommended. Nutress HAIR Protein Pack Conditioner contains both protein and moisturizing agents that give your hair a balanced, effective treatment without the need for additional steps or complicated product applications. Once your hair returns to healthy status, every other week is suggested, however, if you continue to use chemical treatments make sure to deep condition the hair one week prior and one week after these treatments.

Color treated hair requires a higher level of moisture and color protection from the sun to prevent drying and fading. People who spend a lot of time in the sun are especially vulnerable. We have added extra moisturizers, extra vitamins and a UV sun blocker to our color-treated version of Protein Pack Conditioner. Both products have the same damage protection and repair properties, so you are ensured an excellent outcome regardless of which version you choose.

Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer contains many of the outstanding protein and moisture-enhancing properties of our famous Protein conditioners, but in a convenient spray form that lends itself to a variety of uses to give hair more manageability, definition and shine. Stop Break is a light-weight formula designed to be used for styling, detangling or merely to improve the texture and feel of your hair. It contains protein and conditioners that also strengthen the hair and can be used every day. It makes comb-outs much easier, dramatically reducing breakage from tangling. It can be used as a lone styling agent, or in conjunction with other styling products.