Why Nutress Hair Products Are So Effective For Transitioning

There are three keys to successful transitioning: Tending to that vital “transition point” in the hair to prevent breakage Nurturing the new growth Treating the varying new textures and creating

The Truth about Fixing Hair Disasters

A friend sent me an article for non-textured hair types asking if I could write something similar, but relevant to our textured sisters.  I chuckled at the mention of choppy

The Truth About Your Tresses and Aging

Have your locks lost their luster? Truth is, after 30, hormonal ups and downs and every day wear-and-tear can do a number on your tresses, leaving them coarser or thinner.

The Truth About Your Tresses and Oil

Oil is arguably the most widely used product for textured tresses, however there is a lot of confusion surrounding what oil actually does, when it should be used and what

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