We know that different hair types and style have different needs. Join us for a new series where we break down which Nutress products are best for your specific hair type or style. No matter what you’re rocking, Nutress has you covered with exactly the products you need to maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

Check out which Nutress products can best help you achieve healthy relaxed hair!

nutress healthy relaxed hair

A good leave-in conditioner is essential for healthy relaxed hair. Relaxed hair can be prone to breakage if not properly conditioned. Keep your ends protected with Nutress Stop Break Leave In Enhancer. The water-based, silicone-free formula won’t weigh your hair down, leaving you with strong, conditioned, moisturized locks. Stop Break can help prevent breakage and help you retain length.

Keeping heat usage to a minimum is vital to maintaining healthy relaxed hair. Instead of using damaging styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons, try wrapping your hair using the Nutress Wrap Guard Foam Wrap Lotion. Use the fast drying, non-flaking foam for wet sets and to wrap your hair before you go to bed. The Wrap Guard Foam Wrap Lotion can also be used to achieve smooth protective styles so you can get the look you want without heat tools.

Women who relax and color treat their hair require an extra boost of conditioning to keep their hair healthy. The Nutress Color Treated Protein Pack Conditioner combines our proprietary NuFusionTM Protein Blend with a treatment that protects against fading and damage from heat, processing and natural UV rays. Deep condition your hair every two weeks to keep your color vibrant and strong.

If you have relaxed hair, try one or all of these Nutress products to keep your tresses looking shiny, moisturized and most of all, healthy!