About Nutress Hair Products

Since 1948 Nutress Hair products have been improving the condition of women’s crowning glory and the quality of their lives. Nutress Hair are the originators of the protein conditioning technology that has helped millions to repair chemical, environmental and mechanical damage through the years. Our goal is to educate consumers and promote healthy hair care habits in our community.  Our heritage is our expertise in hair repair and the simple effectiveness of Nutress Hair products makes us a reassuring constant for more than 60 years among the confusing proliferation of trendy, fly-by-night products flooding the market.

Our products are foundational products, tool for hair repair, that don’t put limits on consumers.  As the most versatile brand, we carefully design each product to provide a variety of benefits to a wide range of different hair types. Since our products don’t contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients they penetrate and work well and can even be used with favorite products from other brands.   Whereas other brands have a product for everything; we have a few indispensable, irreplaceable products that work for a wide variety of people.  We do a few things and we do them really well.

Our products repair problems created by other products, misuse of chemicals and abusive styling techniques.  We are the experts at repairing and maintaining hair because we were the first brand to grasp the concept of rebuilding the structure of the hair strand with the elements it is composed of, protein and moisture.   Nutress repairs and restores hair from all types of damage to get you back to beautiful, healthy hair. We invented the concept of repair before most of today’s brands existed.

Our initiatives include teaching the next generation how to care for their hair and introducing non-damaging practices that empower women to give their hair superior care without sacrificing style. Timelessly relevant, our formulas not only restore hair, but also work to and prevent breakage before it happens. We will always continue to push to deliver the best, most versatile and effective products at the most affordable prices.

Nutress Hair Products Powered By Protein

For more than 60 years, Nutress Hair has developed products designed to protect and strengthen damaged hair by using an exclusive source of vegetable protein not found in any other leading hair product.

Simply Superior

Nutress Hair has developed this special ingredient that goes into our unique M31 protein blend that provides unparalleled strengthening benefits without the hardening and stiffness caused by many other protein-rich hair products.

Nutress Hair ProductsWe call this our NuFusion Technology, which consists of NuFusion Protein Blend where proprietary proteins synergize to both repair hair surface as well as restructure the hair shaft from within and NuFusion Moisture Complex, which deeply conditions your hair while enabling maximum protein and moisture retention.

Our proteins perform better because they are derived from a special, high-potency vegetable protein source that undergoes an even higher degree of refinement, leaving more of the right type of protein available to penetrate the hair shaft. Because of this, our protein requires less preservatives, so our products work harder and longer than other leading brands at keeping your hair healthy.

One-Step Solution

Our products are safe for all kinds of hair, including extensions and children’s hair. We don’t use excessive additives and our products are designed to work fast and don’t require multi-step applications. You get spectacular results with lower toxicity than other leading brands.