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Since 1948 Nutress Hair products have been improving the condition of women’s crowning glory and the quality of their lives. We are the originators of the protein conditioning technology that has helped millions to repair chemical, environmental and mechanical damage through the years.

Our goal is to educate consumers and promote healthy hair care habits in our community.  Our heritage is our expertise in hair repair and the simple effectiveness of our products makes us a reassuring constant for more than 60 years among the confusing proliferation of trendy, fly-by-night products flooding the market.

I have used the treatment for color-treated hair for more years than I can remember off and on. I adore this stuff and I try to tell everyone I know that complains about dry, damaged, color treated and weak hair that I come across. I even give away the small packets to people if their hair is very damaged. I usually keep extra packs around the house but I love buying the large tub of this stuff. I am sleeping with it in my hair tonight but I also sit with it in my hair under the dryer when I go to the shop. I take it with me because the stylists act like they are not familiar with this product. I don’t know why anyone would not want to use this. It will also balance the ph of your hair which is very important. I love this product!!!!
S. Scott
After worrying about how to maintain the length it took 2 years to grow, I discovered this product. I love it!! It made my hair soft and managable. It looks and feels healthy even though I use a relaxer. i love the fact that it is not a dripping wet treatment and it only takes 10 minutes to see the results.
I have been trying to grow my hair natural since last June, and I have found it very challenging. After trying several other products, Nutress does exactly what I was expecting other products to do. Seriously I was getting discouraged. My hair is very thick and course; I just wanted to find a product that will help me manage my natural state, and Nutress does it very well. Now I look forward to washing my hair weekly (or bi-weekly) because when I use these products my hair is easy to comb thru and style. Immediately after the first use, I was able to detangle my hair quickly, and it stayed that way until I washed it again. The second time I used it, I noticed that there was no clumps of hair (as usual) at the drain. So it strengthens and detangles as promised – Yay!
Tammy Pratt Chasten
Nutress Hair products are still my favorite. In fact, I take the protein and conditioning packs with me when the stylist relaxes my hair. I leave with my hair wet and the conditioner on my hair. I also use them once a week when I sit under the hair dryer. As a result, my hair grows like a weed; is shoulder length even though I cut approximately one inch every five weeks; and, is very healthy.
W. Miles
I found the nutress products and they were great. They were reasonably priced so I was able to get the shampoo, protein pack and the stop break. My hair hasn’t looked this good in years!
From the Tyra Banks Show blog
Hands down the best protein treatment I have ever tried. My hair was in really bad condition with lots of breakage (too much heat) and little to no shine. After just one treatment I noticed about 90% less shedding. After the second treatment my hair felt even better. I have tried many expensive treatments but none compares to this one and at only $1.19 for beauty club members you cannot go wrong.