Lightweight and Silicone-Free
No smelly, time consuming process. Nutress works in one-step taking less time and less hassle.
the Best Conditioning Agent on the Market
Nutress uses more effective conditioning agents and includes our exclusive NuFusion protein blend
  for superior strength and protection.
Detangles Better, Works on Any Hair
Protein and Moisture in one treatment. Treats scalp itch and leaves hair soft, shiny and strong.

Nutress Hair Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer beats Mixed Chicks for Stopping Hair Breakage, Detangling and everyday hair care for textured and curly hair.

Hair Breakage is the number one complaint for women with textured or curly hair. Nutress Hair Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer can fix hair breakage and keep your hair soft, shiny and strong. Our silicone and oil-free formula is fantastic for all types of hair - including extensions, braids, relaxed or natural hair. Silicone-free hair products are important if you want to keep your hair from feeling stiff or sticky from excessive product build-up. Our convenient spray-on application makes it an especially great leave-in conditioner for curly hair. Mixed Chicks and other leave-in conditioners can be too heavy and cause excessive build-up. Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer's lightweight formula with our unique NuFusion Protein blend can fix hair breakage and keep your hair strong, soft and shiny without build-up. You won't find a better silicone-free styling product. And because Stop Break both detangles and moisturizes, it's a great children's hair treatment, too. Available at Sally Beauty and other fine beauty outlets.

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