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“When you’re working that hair weave don’t forget that hair weave styles require a lot of care! Nutress has great products to care for hair weave extensions!”

Multi-Use Products for Hair Weave Extensions, Relaxed and Natural Hair


Nutress cares for your hair weave like never before.  Hair weave extensions aren’t cheap so give your investment the best care with Nutress and simultaneously care for your real tresses.  The only brand that transitions from hair weave styles to the precious hair underneath.  Great for braided hair weaves too.

Protect Hair Under Weaves Care for you tresses under weaves is paramount.  Use Nutress Protein Pack before and after removing weave styles to strengthen hair.  TRY NOW

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Why Choose Nutress for Hair Weave Care?

Hair weave is worn to protect hair and allow style versatility.  Whatever your reason is for wearing hair weave styles, both the hair weave and your tresses need care.

If you don’t want a sink full of products that become useless when styles change, stick with Nutress, the only brand that works for Natural Hair, Relaxed Hair, Color Treated Hair, Weaves, and Braids.  Oil and Alcohol free to keep weaves fresh while nourishing your hair.

Women of today are complex and ever-evolving creatures.  Find products that change and evolve with you through your multiple re-inventions!

Nutress Hair Model 2 Daily Hair Weave Care Daily moisturize and restore hair with Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer.  Safe for weave hair because its alcohol and oil free.  Nourishes your hair daily. TRY NOW
Nutress Hair Model 3 Care for Braided & Wavy Weaves  To maintain healthy braided weaves spritz braids with Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer daily.  Set long-lasting wavy styles with Nutress Wrap Guard Foam Wrap Lotion.

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