From the Tyra Banks Show blog 

"I found the nutress products and they were great. They were reasonaly priced so I was able to get the shampoo, protein pack and the stop break. My hair hasn't looked this good in years!"


"Hands down the best protein treatment I have ever tried. My hair was in really bad condition with lots of breakage (too much heat) and little to no shine. After just one treatment I noticed about 90% less shedding. After the second treatment my hair felt even better. I have tried many expensive treatments but none compares to this one and at only $1.19 for beauty club members you cannot go wrong."

Michelle Ellington, Stylist, Seattle, WA

I am a beautician with a large and demanding clientele. I use Stop Break Healthy Hair Enhancer over all the other options for leave-in conditioners because it provides the best results. Hair is much easier to comb through and style and the product leaves hair soft, shiny and full. The beauty of this product is that it conditions, prevents breakage and aids in styling All-in-one!

Comments from Black Woman's Guide

"...I saw a product in Sally's called "Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack for Extremely Damaged Hair", and I felt adventurous so I bought it. I was a little nervous because it is green, but I used it with the Motions products mentioned in the book, performing all of the normal steps, and it worked beautifully! So I think we may have found another winner."

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"Try nutress protien packs.My hair was breaking severely and members of black hair media recommended this product.I have only used it twice but there is a signifigant change in my hair.There is a huge decrease in breakage..."

"I'm posting this to everyone who is having hair loss problems...I started  using those Nutress Hair deep conditioning packets (sitting with a cap on for at least a half hour), and my hair is starting to behave again..."

Favorite protein treatments- I've only used two... the focus 21 and the Nutress HAIR Mositurizing Protein Deep Conditioner.. I like the Nutress one..made my hair's the one for color treated hair. "

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"Best Protein Conditioner, 2003"

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 SoulCysters "...I use a regular conditioner in the shower and then I use a spray on conditioner called - Nutress Hair stop break healthy hair enhancer. (There are several different brands that I've tried in the past that have helped. I get them at a beauty supply store.) It helps to detangle and adds shine. Also be very gentle with your hair especially when it is wet. I use my hairbrush or a very wide tooth comb and start at the ends of the hair...."

Beauty After Pregnancy -"Moisturizing Protein Combination Packs:  Some packs are specially formulated to moisturize, some to strengthen with protein and still others, a combination of both.  Some products include Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack"


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