Nutress Hair is the best friend of the Salon operator, Stylist and Beauty Supply Store!

Why? Because we understand your needs. We know that you value consistent, reliable results from the products you offer to your customers. And we know you like the convenience of offering both in-store and at-home maintence solutions so your customers can maintain their good look but also return to you on a regular basis. Your business can thrive with Nutress!

That's why we have developed products with superior performance and innovative, environmentally friendly packaging!

Our 1 ounce Protein Pack Conditioner is a great way for your clients to condition their hair between visits. You also avoid contamination with other products with this single-use size (also great for travel!). They can be offered as samples or sold for an affordable price (and attractive profit) and be part of a consistent regimen that leads them back to you for more! Also Available in 4 ounce tubes and 16 ounce jars so you can reduce the cost per treatment.

Our popular Jojoba Gro Hormone Oil is a salon-only product that gives the stylist an easy way to create an extraordinary level of shine and softness as finishing touch to their customer's salon treatment. It enhances the conditioning process and aid in styling.

Our Stop Break Products - including shampoosreconstructors and enhancers - when used at home, can prevent breakage between visits, which means you can concentrate on delivering the best styling and hair care processes in the salon without worrying about resurrecting a head of hair that has been poorly maintained between visits to your salon.

And finally, our Pomade and Patented Hinoki-Jojoba Shampoo can deliver effective results to women whose hair is already healthy and only need quality maintenance products at home.

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